We are very excited that you are considering enrolling at St. Nicholas Catholic School. We offer a quality Catholic education. You will find all the forms and information you will need to register your child.

We Believe:
Catholic education is joyful! Students learn to recognize themselves and others as children of God, with talents to offer and a great purpose to achieve together!

Catholic schools invite Christ into every activity, every day. We teach our students to do the same throughout their lives.

Cost should never prevent a Catholic education. The blessings your family will bring to our community are worth much more than tuition dollars. Please contact our Principal, Mr. Scott Vanderloop, at (920) 788-9371 during school hours to learn more about financial assistance.

We look forward to your family becoming a part of the St. Nicholas Community!

Here is what some of our students say about us:
“St. Nicholas School has taught me that you should always be following in God’s footsteps.”
“It is a special place to be able to talk about God and how important He is to us.”
“St. Nicholas school has taught me to always keep going and not give up on my dreams.”
“If I had the opportunity to thank everyone who supports St. Nicholas School, I would thank them by being successful in life and show them the impact SNS had on my life.”
“St. Nicholas School has taught me to show more respect to God and others.”
“St. Nicholas school has taught me to enjoy life around me.”
“St. Nicholas school taught me to be kind to others, and work hard for what I want.”