Home & School Association

The Home and School Board Association welcomes you. Our role is to plan activities and events that encourage interaction and networking amongst our school families and teachers. The activities are also designed to encourage the school children to interact and have fun while encouraging the older students to help the younger students.

The St. Nicholas Home and School Association is made up of our school families. There is an executive board which oversees the activities sponsored by the Home and School. There are five members on the executive board – Principal, President, Vice president, Secretary and Treasurer. The members of the board serve a two-year term. Our motto is “Many Hands Make Light Work.” We encourage all of our school families to help out with and attend the activities we sponsor.

Home and School Board Officers       Contact Us
Principal: Mr. Scott Vanderloop
President:  Liz Evers
Co-Vice Presidents:  Ayron Otto
Treasurer: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant

Our Mission
To promote a spiritual and educational partnership between parents and staff for the benefit of our children.

Our Bylaws
Home and School Bylaws