On August 16, 2018, the Pastoral and Finance Councils met and unanimously approved to move forward with the Financing and Construction Phases of the Building for the Future project! The Capital Campaign successfully raised 100% of the funds for this project. Next steps at this time are to have the Green Bay Diocese legal team review the Consolidated Construction Company Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Contract prior to St. Nicholas leadership signatures by the end of August 2018. In the mean time, Consolidated Construction will work to order the metal building materials for the Community Center since this item has a 12-15 week lead time. Additionally, plans are being reviewed to move the existing garage between the Church and the Playground to the west end of the parking lot behind the rectory. It is expected Construction Safety Fence will go up prior to the start of school (September 4, 2018).

On February 15, 2018, the Finance and Pastoral Councils approved to move forward with Phase 2 of the Design/Build process with Consolidated Construction.  This involves Consolidated creating more detailed architectural drawings of the revised design that contractors can use to bid on the project.  Those bids will also include any in-kind donation amounts the project can depend upon.  Previous in-kind amounts were estimates due to the drawings not being at the level contractors need to determine material and labor costs.

Major revisions to the design presented at the February 15, 2018 meeting includes a junior-high sized court instead of high-school sized court, increased size of the warming kitchen, fewer new parking stalls, and the removal of the drop-off car roof.  There was a lot of discussion was around the size of the Community Center.  We would all like to see this space larger to accommodate the high-school sized court, making more room for pedestrian traffic and dual sideways courts for tournament purposes.  Consolidated will design the Community Center in both sizes and have BOTH designs go to competitive bidding.  Then, in the process of matching our funding with the design, the decision will be made as to what size is considered.

Ultimately, what this means is that as of February 15, 2018, we are approximately $175,000 away in meeting our expansion project goals.  Originally, we estimated a $125,000 difference, but an increase in Contingency of approximately $50,000 was added until we receive in-kind donation commitments on this revised design.

On May 18, 2017, the Finance and Pastoral Councils approved to move forward with acquiring an architect for the Building for the Future Expansion Project.

The Capital Campaign and Building committees provided documentation and a recommendation to the Councils. It includes updated DRAFT drawings from Consolidated Construction.  Thanks to Paul VerVoort and Consolidated Construction for making these drawings happen on a short turnaround.

The recommendation made was to reduce the scope of the project while still meeting the identified needs of our Parish Community.  The total financial commitment is reduced to $1.8 million instead of the original $2.8 million. The decision was approved to have the Building Committee move forward with interviewing architects with TOTAL money spent between $1.34M and $1.8M (including windows).  The constraints of this approval:

  1. Re-submit proxy(ies) to the Diocese, if needed, to reduce scope.
  2. Request proposals from 3 architects to pick the one we want.
  3. Whomever we pick should be the one for the whole project.
  4. We want the architect to help us phase out decisions just like we would be building a house.  The minimum is $1.34 (less windows, parking, playground) and the max is $1.8mm
    • Architect can give us ideas, tradeoffs and choices that fit price range.
    • This part of the design shouldn’t have full blown plans, just concept (i.e. low cost design)
  5. Once we have their advice and options, the Campaign and leadership will decide on which option to proceed with.
  6. Then they can do the full plan with every drawing and detail.

The Capital Campaign committee will continue to communicate with parishioners as we find out information from the Building Committee.  We will continue to work on additional funds, but it will be based on drawings, process explanations and updates we receive from the Building Committee.

The components we are moving forward with are:

  • Handicap-accessible entrance
  • Gathering Space to accommodate at least 150 people
  • Kitchen space
  • Restrooms with 1 shower in each for retreats, etc.
  • Elevator large enough for a casket
  • Community Center large enough for one court
  • Accessible Playground
  • Increased Parking

The Restoration of Church Stained Glass Windows is in progress and scheduled to be complete in Summer 2017.

The Building Committee is charged with developing cost effective building plans to meet the needs of the project.  The Capital Campaign Committee‘s objective is to raise 100% of the funds required to support the financial responsibilities of all aspects of the project.

The Expansion Project only moves forward to ground-breaking if 100% of the funds are raised.

Stay in tune with the Expansion Project by reviewing the Meeting minutes!