Saint Nicholas Stained Glass Windows Restoration

Christian Mothers Before After InsideChristian Mothers Before After Outside

In November 2015 the Christian Mothers Stained Glass Window, an image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was reinstalled after being re-leaded and restored. Click on the photos to see an enlarged version of the transformation!

In 1919, the current physical structure of Saint Nicholas Catholic Church was built. At that time, families in our Parish were extremely generous and provided funds for, among other things, the amazingly beautiful stained glass windows highlighting our worship space today.

With assistance by the Freedom Area Historical Society, we have identified living relatives of families who were a generous donor in 1919 of a stained glass window. After 96 years, the invaluable stained glass windows in our church are in need of reconditioning. We are now looking to revitalize these stained glass windows. Before we present this window to the open membership at Saint Nicholas on February 1, 2016, we have offered descendants of the original window donors a chance to financially support the Capital Campaign to restore their family’s window.

If there are members of the general parish membership interested in funding the restoration of a particular window, you may contact the Parish Office at 920-788-1492 to put your name on a waiting list for a window, if it is not sponsored by the original donor’s family.

If desired, a nameplate below the window will be available to any family who sacrifices to support the restoration.

*NOTE: The windows in the most recent addition do not need to be restored at this time.

Tabernacle Windows

Bookmark St Matthew

Saint Mark the Evangelist

Saint Luke the Evangelist

Saint John the Evangelist

West Wall Stained Glass Windows

Peter Gonnering Annunciation of the Blessed Mother

Con DeJung Resurrection of Our Lord

Thomas Byrnes Wedding Feast at Cana

Patrick & George McDanniel Jesus Peter

Mrs. Joseph Appleton Woman at the Well

Valentine Gonnering Saints Francis and Anthony

East Wall Stained Glass Windows

George Garvey Saint George Slaying Dragon

John Schuh Announcement of the Birth of Jesus

John Garvey Let the Children Come to Me

James Mullen Holy Mass

JohnVanDenBosch Baptism of our Lord

Christian Mothers Immaculate Sacred Hearts

Rear of Church, Behind Organ Pipes

Veterans Memorial