As we work to attract additional donations, some questions came up surrounding how donors will be recognized or how naming rights will be acknowledged. We are pleased to share how naming will recognize premium donors. Naming rights will be awarded to whomever submits their donation and/or Pledge Form first to the Parish Office. Families and/or groups are also invited to collectively make a donation to earn naming rights.

Available for Naming Rights Unlimited Term 25-Year Term
Fellowship/Gathering Hall $400,000 $300,000
Community Center $375,000 $275,000
Court N/A $75,000*
Playground $125,000 N/A
Driveway Entrance Near Rectory $50,000 N/A
Driveway Entrance off Liberty Lane $50,000 N/A
*Court Naming Rights will last the life expectancy of the court floor, which is estimated at 30+ years.

Any donations totaling more than $4,800 will be acknowledged with a decorative mural showcased prominently in the new expansion that will display donor names and levels. An example of this mural is featured below:
Donor Recognition

Our ability to raise the funds for this project directly impacts the final scope and design of the expansion. 100% of the funds need to be raised or pledged before we move forward with the project. Bishop Ricken has approved this fundraising campaign; we are now tasked with making the Building for the Future expansion project a reality. Please pray to our God of mercy and love to discern how generous you and your family will be for this project. If you have any questions or would like any additional information, you are invited to follow-up with the Building for the Future Capital Campaign Committee.