“We need to build local communities of faith where our social teaching is central, not fringe; where social ministry is integral, not optional; where it is the work of every believer, not just the mission of a few committed people and committees.”

U.S. Catholic Bishops

The Living Justice Committee is a vehicle for visioning, planning, facilitating and organizing the parish response to those in need of service and advocacy. The Committee is to research issues, assess needs, communicate those needs, organize efforts and call forth people to effectively attain goals. Members understand that charity and justice go hand in hand, and that we are all called as Christians to respond to the least of our brothers and sisters. While the committee may be involved in this response directly, they also challenge members of the parish of all ages and walks of life to become involved, and provide specific ways and opportunities for them to be active both in service and in advocacy.

The Living Justice Committee is a builder of relationships, both within and outside the parish. They see the barriers and connections in people’s lives. They provide a vision of how Catholic Social Teaching applies to all and seek to integrate this teaching into all aspects of parish life. The committee promotes solidarity with others in the parish, community and world.

The St. Nicholas Living Justice Committee coordinates the following annual activities:

  • Respect Life (Mother and Unborn Baby Care) (January) – Contact organization for needs, those needs are then posted in the bulletin and signs.  We then drop materials off to family. 
  • Meals for Homeless Shelter – Third Monday of every month food is served at homeless shelter.  (There are 6 groups with 5 people each that work twice per year).
  • Freedom Food Pantry– They will contact us with needs thought out the year.
  • Prayer Shawls
  • Mother’s Day Roses (Wisconsin Right to Life) (May) – Get roses from Reynebeau Florist in Little Chute and sell them at Mass.
  • School Supplies (Needy area schools)(July/August)- Post collection in bulletin and on church boards, collection lasts 2 weeks, Freedom area schools needs are met first and then other local schools.
  • Catholics Out Working =COW
  • Prayer Chain
  • Hat and Mitten Collection (Coates for kids – Gunderson Cleaners) (October)-Past 2 years give to Gunderson-Coats for kids.  Prior to that used to donate to Harbor House, Emergency Shelter, Freedom, etc.
  • Anointing of the Sick Dinner (October/November)
  • Thanksgiving meal to multiple needy families (November)
  • Angel Tree (Salvation Army) (November/December)- Adopt multiple families through Salvation Army.  Receive families in mid-November and tree goes up right after Thanksgiving.