Staff Member Position Office
Father Walter Stumpf Pastor 788-1492
Deacon Don Newhouse Deacon 788-1492
Deacon Gary Vanness Deacon 788-1492
Cortney Curran Business Manager 788-1492
Kathy Brennan Coordinator of New Evangelization 788-1451
Jennifer Jochman  Assistant to Coordinator of New Evangelization 788-1451
Marny Clark Youth Minister 788-1451
Lisa Kater New Evangelization Administrative Assistant 788-1451
Mark Lang Maintenance Coordinator 788-1492
Sue Langkamp Parish Secretary 788-1492

Staff Responsibilities

Topic Staff Member Office
Annulments/Divorce 788-1492
Anointing of the Sick Fr. Walter Stumpf 788-1492
Baptisms & Baptism Certificates Sue Langkamp 788-1492
Becoming Catholic/RCIA Deacon Gary Vanness 810-3611
Bulletin Announcements/Inserts Sue Langkamp 788-1492
Cemetery Questions Sue Langkamp 788-1492
Change of Address/Phone/Name Sue Langkamp 788-1492
Confirmation & Confirmation Certificates  Kathy Brennan 788-1492
Church Donations/Year End Statements Sue Langkamp 788-1492
New Evangelization Jennifer Jochman 788-1451
New Evangelization  Kathy Brennan 788-1451
Financial/Personnel, Administrative Cortney Curran 788-1492
Funerals Sue Langkamp 788-1492
General New Evangelization  Questions Lisa Kater 788-1451
 Youth Ministry  Marny Clark 788-1451
Hospital Visitation Deacon Gary Vanness

Deacon Don Newhouse


Joining the Parish Deacon Gary Vanness 788-1492
Maintenance Mark Lang 788-1492
Marriages Sue Langkamp 788-1492
Prayer Chain Donna Hildebrand 733-4602
Prayer Chain Cindy Pynenberg 832-0322
School Questions Scott Vanderloop 788-9371
Stewardship 788-1451
Vendor Billing/Payments Cortney Curran 788-1492
Virtus Leticia Santiago 788-1492
Weekend/Weekday Mass Scheduling Sue Langkamp 788-1492