Why Choose St. Nicholas School?

The best way for us to share with you why to choose St. Nicholas for your children is to share with you what others are saying:

Aaron Linskens, St. Nicholas Graduate, Class of 2004; University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication

The small class sizes at St. Nicholas School allow for a more personal and beneficial educational experience. With a balance of academic principles and moral values, the education I received at St. Nicholas effectively prepared me for high school and beyond.

Erik VanEperen, St. Nicholas Graduate, Class of 2005

Academic rigor from a scrupulous staff and family, that pretty much sums up St. Nick’s. I never really realized what St. Nick’s had taught me until I graduated from there, and even more, not until my college years. Sure, going into high school I was extremely comfortable with algebra, grammar, and really every subject, but looking back I realize there was more to my education than that. The St. Nick’s staff had instilled a strong academic background in me by means of a caring and supportive community. It was this sense of family that I now realize impacted me the most. When looking for a college, I wanted one with not only a strong academic reputation but also that same feeling of family. Whether coincidently or not, I found everything I was looking for at the University of Notre Dame, which is also a Catholic institution. St. Nick’s was a place where I knew I could always go and get the guidance and support I needed from brilliant and caring people. I could go on forever talking about how this school has impacted me, but I will end with the slogan from my hall here at Notre Dame. St. Nick’s: brothers, scholars, champions.”

Tammy Evers Weyenberg, St. Nicholas Graduate, Class of 1994

“My parents’ decision to send me to a Catholic grade school, St. Nicholas, is one I am most thankful for. First, I received a high quality education. The focus on mastery of Math and English proved to be beneficial for high school, undergraduate and graduate studies and also in my career today. The curriculum is challenging yet the exceptional student-to-teacher ratio and highly committed educators allowed each and every student to succeed. Second, the basis for my spiritual and religious life was established at St. Nicholas School. The core of Catholicism was taught through a variety of teaching methods in addition to weekly student-involved masses. Third, the friendships created were deep and lasting. My very best friends and most vivid memories are of those created and experienced at St. Nicholas School. Moreover, these relationships extended to the families of fellow students instilling a true sense of community. My Catholic grade school education abundantly provided the gifts of knowledge, relationships, faith, and self-awareness that I rely on yet today.”

If that wasn’t enough, here are some more reasons why we think you should choose St. Nicholas for your children.


  • Become part of a strong and caring community
  • Learn to serve and support the Church by doing
  • Develop a well-formed conscience which can serve them for life
  • Learn how to identify the challenges posed by consumer culture, relativism, etc

Top Ten Reasons To Send Your Child to St. Nicholas School:

  •   Catholic tradition and academic excellence in a community grounded in faith.
  •   High academic standards.
  •   Balanced curriculum that includes art, music and fitness.
  •   Emphasis on moral development, service to others and leadership skills.
  •   Strong preparation for further education.
  •   Safe and disciplined environment.
  •   Exceptional faculty and staff who help students reach their highest potential.
  •   Individual attention in a caring community.
  •   Commitment to technology use to enhance education.
  •   Good stewardship of resources.

St. Nicholas Offers:

  • Caring staff who support and live Catholic values
  • Small classes to help each student reach full potential. (Most St. Nicholas graduates are on the freshman honor roll in high school.)
  • Lively weekly Mass tailored to the understanding and interests of students
  • An atmosphere of calm, self-discipline, respect and responsibility
  • Collaborative projects that allow older students to befriend younger students
  • Accelerated curriculum coordinated with area high schools
  • 24/7 parent access to student records/progress

Activities Offered:

  • Physical Education, Art, Spanish, Music and Band classes
  • Academic competitions; Math Bowl, Spelling Bee and Patriot’s Pen
  • Athletics: basketball, volleyball, softball, poms, soccer, football, track and wrestling
  • Field trips: Vertical Ventures, Mosquito Hill Nature Center, Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES) and Skate City
  • Student and family dances: Halloween Dance, Snowball Dance and various Middle School dances

Faith is involved in all areas of learning, as it should be in all areas of life.