Middle School March Newsletter

In like a lion and out like a lamb–that was our month of March at St. Nicholas School. We had a very busy and productive four weeks of learning and closed out the third quarter. It’s hard to believe that spring has sprung and that summer is just around the corner!

March has been a busy month in social studies and religion for the middle school.

In sixth grade the students are working on their unit for Latin America in which we are about halfway through.  Students are currently learning more about the history and cultural developments in the region and how that history continues to have an impact today.  In religion class, we have studied the period of the judges and are currently learning about the kings of Israel and how they showed their trust in God, yet struggled with their own sins.

In seventh grade, students have finished their Africa unit and are getting used to South Asia and the impact of geography and climate in the region.  For religion, students are learning about the importance of dignity and respect for life as well as the sins that exist against life. We are also focused on the Works of Mercy and Beatitudes as ways of life that help us do good and promote life and love.

In eighth grade, students have just finished their Africa unit and moved onto South Asia.  Students were fascinated and disturbed to learn about the human impact on the Ganges River which started a lot of discussion.  In religion, students took the ACRE test and are continuing to learn about Church history, focusing on the Protestant Reformation years and after.

~Mr. Romenesko

In middle school language arts classes, all grades are deep in the throes of sentence diagramming as a cumulative review of the parts of speech. Some days have been more difficult than others, but yet the students have persevered and are getting the hang of (nearly) every word in the sentence fitting into a specific part of the diagram. Weekly spelling units still occur on scheduled full weeks of school.

In reading class, the sixth graders have completed comprehension and interpretation questions for a short story in their literature books titled “La Bamba”. They have also tried their hand at a bit of poetry, finishing a haiku for each season as well as a friendship cinquain poem.

The seventh graders were able to choose and develop their own projects for the culmination of White Fang. It was interesting to see submissions ranging from character collages to Jeopardy-type games. The students did well in demonstrating their knowledge of the book by Jack London. The seventh graders constructed diamond poems and are currently trying to write limericks about both themselves and their prayer buddies.

In March, the eighth graders did quite a bit of writing and speaking. They learned about first person versus third person point of view and wrote short stories from each. They also wrote a step-up poem and are currently working on a developing a character in a story which contains a plot twist. In addition, the students prepared and communicated a demonstration speech, where we learned everything from card tricks and folding paper into various items to packing a suitcase and wrapping a present.

~Mrs. Campbell

6th Science: We will finish learning about Energy & Energy Resources.  Next, we will focus on the Atom and Interactions of Matter.

7th Science: We will spend a short time covering different types of animals.  Next, we will begin Unit 7, Human Body Systems.

8th Science: We will finish learning learning about the atmosphere.  Next, we will be learning about weather and climate.

6th Math: Chapter 7, Equations and Inequalities & Chapter 8, Surface Area and Volume

6th graders in 7th math: Chapter 5, Systems of Linear Equations & Chapter 6, Functions

7th Math: finish Scientific Notation, Chapter 11, Inequalities, & Chapter 12, Construction and Scale Drawings

7th graders in 8th math: Chapter 6, Exponential Equations and Functions, Chapter 7, Polynomial Equations and Factoring, & Chapter 8, Graphing Quadratic Functions

8th Math: Chapter 15, Probability and Statistics, Algebra Chapter 1, Solving Linear Equations

9th Math: Chapter 9, Solving Quadratic Functions, Chapter 10, Square Root Functions and Geometry, & Chapter 11, Rational Equations and Functions

~Mrs. Shinners

About Mrs. Campbell

Hello! My name is Susan Campbell. I currently teach middle school ELA (reading and language arts) at St. Nicholas. I come to this school with 17 years of experience with teaching middle school children. Upon graduating from Edgewood College in 2000, I taught junior high math and language arts at St. James School in Madison. From there, I ventured into the world of public school and taught 7th grade math for 3 years at Parkside School in Wautoma. Before coming to St. Nicholas, I taught for 7 years at St. Lucy School in Racine. While there, I primarily taught middle school mathematics, but I also worked with seventh and eighth graders in reading, language arts, and religion. I already feel very welcome at St. Nicholas in starting my 18th year of teaching. I look forward to working with your student(s) and hope that we can form a supportive learning team. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that may pop up during the school year: swolff@stnicholasfreedom.org