Middle School October Newsletter

Greetings, middle school families! Once again, your students have been hard at work during the month of October. It’s amazing that we are almost at the completion of our first quarter for the 2018-2019 school year. Here is a brief synopsis of what has been going on inside the middle school classrooms here at St. Nicholas.

It has been a busy month of October in middle school!  In Social Studies, the seventh and eighth graders have continued learning about Russia, focusing on its history and government.  Students are also creating picture books in groups about cultural topics. They are now finishing their unit by discussing modern changes to the country.  Sixth grade worked on biome diorama projects as they they learned about different climate regions and will soon be learning about what aspects are a part of culture.  Looking ahead, they will soon after begin learning about North America.

In Religion, the eighth grade is focusing on what makes up the Church.  We recently finished discussing ideas of Christian service and vocations.  Next, we will identify the marks of the Church and how they describe the Church.  Seventh grade has learned more about the world during Jesus’ time and how the Jewish faith helped shape his life.  Currently, we are studying the Infancy Narratives and learning more about Jesus’ birth and early life. In sixth grade we have just finished up our first unit after learning about the origins of sin.  Starting this week, we will learn about Abraham and how to say yes to God’s plan in our lives.

~Mr. Romenesko

The language arts classes have been trying to get a handle on the English language. Overall, it’s one of the more complicated languages to learn because of so many “exceptions to the rule.” Still, we have persevered. All three grades have made it through the basics of subjects/predicates and nouns. The sixth, seventh, and eighth graders have all entered the verb chapter. They also continue to have weekly spelling units (during full weeks of school) and writing prompts. It has been amazing to see the growth of your students in just a few short weeks. Keep it up!

Most recently in reading classes, students worked on researching and writing their Patriot’s Pen essays. I continually told the students that I’m glad I don’t have to judge the contest–we have some excellent writers in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades! The sixth graders just finished reading and analyzing a story called “The All-American Slurp” in their literature books. The seventh and eighth graders both did units of study on Edgar Allan Poe (fitting for the spooky month of October) with seventh grade focusing on “The Raven” and other short stories and eighth grade focusing on “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

~Miss Wolff

Sixth grade math students have just finished Chapter 2, Fractions and Decimals.  We just began Chapter 3, Algebraic Expressions and Properties. Those 6th graders working on 7th grade material have finished the Advanced One chapters that were not completed in the summer.  We have now moved on to the Advanced 2 book. We are working on Chapter 1, Equations.

Sixth grade science students have completed Chapter 3, States of Matter.  We are currently working on Chapter 4, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures.

Seventh grade math students have finished Chapter 2, Transformations and Chapter 3, Angles and Triangles. We are working on Chapter 4, Graphing and Writing Linear Equations. Those 7th graders working on eighth grade math have been moving quickly.  We have only 3 chapters left until we begin the Algebra book. Currently, we are finishing up Chapter 12, Constructions and Scale Drawings.

Seventh grade science students have finished Unit 2 dealing with cells.  We are now working on Unit 3, Heredity, Evolution, and Classification.

Eighth grade math students are about to start Chapter 11, Inequalities.  We have 5 chapters left before we will begin the Algebra book. They will be well prepared for Algebra next year at the high school.  Those working in ninth grade math are beginning Chapter 7, Polynomial Equations and Factoring. They are doing quite well at understanding and mastering this material.  

Eighth grade science students have completed their study of natural resources, fossil fuels, and alternative resources.  We are now working on Chapter 6, The Rock and Fossil Record. We will then be moving on to plate tectonics.

~Mrs. Shinners


About Mrs. Campbell

Hello! My name is Susan Campbell. I currently teach middle school ELA (reading and language arts) at St. Nicholas. I come to this school with 17 years of experience with teaching middle school children. Upon graduating from Edgewood College in 2000, I taught junior high math and language arts at St. James School in Madison. From there, I ventured into the world of public school and taught 7th grade math for 3 years at Parkside School in Wautoma. Before coming to St. Nicholas, I taught for 7 years at St. Lucy School in Racine. While there, I primarily taught middle school mathematics, but I also worked with seventh and eighth graders in reading, language arts, and religion. I already feel very welcome at St. Nicholas in starting my 18th year of teaching. I look forward to working with your student(s) and hope that we can form a supportive learning team. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that may pop up during the school year: swolff@stnicholasfreedom.org