Middle School September Newsletter

Hello middle school families! It’s hard to believe that classes have been in session for over 3 weeks! Time is flying, and we are working hard and striving to learn something new each day. We are looking forward to a cooler October and an approaching end to the first quarter in early November. Here is a brief summary of what has been covered in the month of September.

This month in Social Studies the 7th and 8th grades have begun to learn about Russia.  Students are focusing on the geography and climate in the first few weeks, highlighting how these themes connect to the development of culture and economy in the country.  As we finish, the last part of the month will shift focus to the history and culture found in Russia.

The 6th grade Social Studies is focusing on the Five Themes of Geography and how they relate to the world and our individual lives.  We are also examining the importance of measuring time and location to better understand the world around us. The last part of the month we will start a new unit on the what makes culture and how to interpret it.

In Religion classes all middle school students have been brushing up on their Bible skills.  Sixth grade will be studying the Old Testament this year and gain an appreciation for God’s plan of salvation.  Seventh grade is studying the New Testament focusing on Jesus and learning how to let him into their lives, building a strong relationship in faith for the future.  Eighth grade is looking at parts of the New Testament and understanding the history of the Church’s development and growth.

In Art classes, middle school students are gaining an appreciation for autumn as they work on creating autumn scenes of leaves and reflecting on the greatness of God’s creation.

~Mr. Romenesko


The middle schoolers have been hard at work in their language classes. All grades started the school year off with review lessons on the structure of sentences, including sentence type, subjects, and predicates. Students have also been learning more of the note-taking process in both reading and language classes. There have also been weekly spelling units, which will continue throughout the school year.

In reading, the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders began the school year with analyzing, comprehending, and interpreting stories in their literature books. We have been working together to try to understand the background and meaning of stories, along with learning vocabulary and basic literary terms. Encouragement of answering all parts of questions has been given to each group.

It’s been a good start to the 2018-2019 school year. We will continue working as a team to plug away at difficult topics in the ELA classroom.

~Miss Wolff


Sixth grade math students have completed their first chapter on numerical expressions and factors and will be moving into the study of fractions and decimals. Sixth grade math students who are working on seventh grade material covered ratios and rates over the last month and will soon begin working with ratios and proportions. In seventh grade math, students worked with equations and will start a chapter on transformation. The eighth grade math class (along with two seventh graders) finished chapters on volume and similar solids as well as data analysis and displays. Exponents and scientific notation will be up next for these students. Those students who have progressed to ninth grade math finished linear functions and have begun exponential equations and functions.

In science class, the sixth graders focus on physical science and have reviewed the scientific method. They are also working on the properties and states of matter, as well as elements, compounds, and mixtures. In the seventh grade year, life science is covered. Students also reviewed the scientific method and have learned about characteristics of living things and cells. Earth science is the main area of concentration in eighth grade. The class reviewed the scientific method and are working on minerals of the earth, rocks, and energy resources.

~Mrs. Shinners










About Mrs. Campbell

Hello! My name is Susan Campbell. I currently teach middle school ELA (reading and language arts) at St. Nicholas. I come to this school with 17 years of experience with teaching middle school children. Upon graduating from Edgewood College in 2000, I taught junior high math and language arts at St. James School in Madison. From there, I ventured into the world of public school and taught 7th grade math for 3 years at Parkside School in Wautoma. Before coming to St. Nicholas, I taught for 7 years at St. Lucy School in Racine. While there, I primarily taught middle school mathematics, but I also worked with seventh and eighth graders in reading, language arts, and religion. I already feel very welcome at St. Nicholas in starting my 18th year of teaching. I look forward to working with your student(s) and hope that we can form a supportive learning team. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that may pop up during the school year: swolff@stnicholasfreedom.org