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Welcome to HYPE!

HYPE is a program through which the middle school youth of St. Nicholas Parish can connect with each other and with Jesus!  Through community, social events, service projects, prayer events, calling each other to greater living, and more, HYPE is a program that aims to strengthen fellowship and faith in the youth of St. Nicholas and lead them toward sainthood.

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Our Patrons

Bl. Carlo Acutis was a great example of living a holy life as a young person and appreciating the beauty of Jesus in the Eucharist.  He also showed how modern talents and abilities, such as his computer skills, could be used for spreading the Gospel here on Earth.  Pope St. John Paul II effectively reached the hearts of many young people and encouraged them to be dynamic in living out the Catholic Faith.  Bl. Carlo Acutis and Pope St. John Paul II, pray for us!

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Bl. Carlo Acutis


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Pope St. John Paul II

(Photo: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons)

Youth Room

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Summer Events and Other Opportunities

Want to keep up with announcements for future events and other opportunities? Follow the link here and request to join the group for HYPE text updates:

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A great time to meet people in the Diocese, exercise, have fun and pray!  Please consider joining in on the Youth Bike Ride happening this summer!  If you register, please make sure to tell Joe that you registered, as he will be the main adult chaperone for the students who come from St. Nicholas.  Feel free to invite friends from outside the St. Nicholas Parish community too!

Fall Events and Other Opportunities


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you want to join the St. Nicholas group for John Bosco Day, DO NOT register yourself on their site.  Please email Joe if you plan to go so he can register you as part of the whole group.

If you would like to be a driver/chaperone for the youth attending this event, please email Joe and let him know how many people your car can seat.  We might need a few drivers depending on how many people go.  Drivers will be compensated for gas.

Friday, September 16 will be the last day to register with the St. Nicholas group. Please tell Joe as soon as you can if you'll be coming!

Please bring your own lunch for this event.  We will have a cooler for all the St. Nicholas group lunches.

Looking for Adult Volunteers

The youth minister can't do the job all on his own!  He needs the grace of God.  Often though, God graces a person with help through other people.  If you feel God is calling you to be an adult volunteer for the youth of HYPE and/or 3:6Teen, please fill out the form below to assist in the mission of bringing youth closer to Christ.

Young Examples of Saintly Living

You are never too young to start living as a saint!  Holiness is not dependent on age.  Read up here on different people who lived lives that, though short, were full of love and imitation of Jesus.  They show how, in any life circumstance, we can choose to give ourselves to Christ and others.  These persons include someone who used his computer knowledge to tell people about Jesus (Blessed Carlo Acutis), an adventurous and politically involved young man (Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati), a boy graced with immense courage (St. Jose Sanchez del Rio), and a woman who lived a saintly life in her seemingly simple life (St. Therese of Lisieux).

Let's Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.  I would love to hear your thoughts and questions!

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