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Facility Rental Information

Facility Rental

Saint Nicholas Catholic Church and School facilities will be made available for parish, parishioner, and non-parishioner activities consistent with the Mission and values of Saint Nicholas Catholic Church as listed below:


“We, the people of Saint Nicholas Parish, through our loving relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit exist to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to ourselves, our children, and the world. We share the Good News of Jesus Christ through the Word of God, the Sacraments, and service by the power of the Holy Spirit and as part of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Groups with Access to Saint Nicholas Catholic Church and School

a. Activities sponsored by the Parish
b. Activities sponsored by the School
c. Activities sponsored by other Catholic Parishes in the surrounding area

d. Other community activities
e. Private groups with parishioner(s)* involvement
f. Private groups without parishioner(s)* involvement

*Parishioners are defined as a person/family officially registered through the parish office and actively participating in the life of the parish via time, talent or treasure for a period of one year prior to any inquiry and request to reserve space.

Saint Nicholas facilities and equipment will be made available only to groups who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Groups whose general objectives are in harmony with the principles and objectives of Saint Nicholas.

  2. Groups who are willing and able to take responsibility for their activities and for
    the facilities and equipment which they wish to use and are willing to abide by the rules of conduct, stated herein.

  3. Non-profit groups who can present a written statement of purpose, the reason for meeting, and names of its officers or leaders.

  4. Saint Nicholas reserves the right to cancel any use agreement at any time if the group is not in compliance with Saint Nicholas’ mission and Facilities Guidelines & Policy

You can register online here and click be come a requester link or contact the parish office 920-788-1492 for availability.


Facility Reservation is not guaranteed until signed Facility Rental Agreement, Facility Usage Payment, and Security Deposit is received and confirmed by the St Nicholas Parish Office.  

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