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Unapproved 9.10.2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

Pastoral Council

A consultative body to the Pastor.  This group prayerfully reflects and assists the Pastor in the overall care and ministry of the Parish and the enhancement of its mission.  Each spring, new members are selected for a three-year term.  

Commitment:  Participate in the bi-monthly Pastoral Council meeting.  


Finance Council

An advisory group that provides recommendations to the pastor concerning the stewardship of the parish’s fiscal resources and financial planning.  Each spring, new members are selected for a three-year term.

Commitment:  Participate in the bi-monthly Finance Council meeting.  

Hospitality Committee

Assist with greeting parishioners at the church entrances. 

Commitment:  Greet approximately once per month.  Must attend periodic in-services that review and update this ministry.

Living Justice Committee

Works to promote social concerns and participate in community outreach.

Commitment:  Participate in the monthly Living Justice Committee meeting.

New Evangelization Advisory Committee

Works with the New Evangelization team to answer the call to evangelization.

Commitment:  Participate in the quarterly NE Advisory Committee meeting.

School Advisory Committee

Works with and advises our school principal and teachers to promote and provide a Catholic education for our students.    

Commitment:  Participate in the monthly School Advisory Committee meeting.


Stewardship Committee

Works to increase awareness of the importance of prayer, service, and sharing as an expression of gratitude for God’s countless gifts.  

Commitment:  Participate in the monthly Stewardship Committee meeting.

Worship Committee

Works to create a quality and reverent environment for worship and implements liturgical guidelines. 

Commitment:  Participate in the monthly Worship Committee meeting.

Cemetery Committee  

Rules/Regulations, Price List, Monument Rules, Memorial Installation Permit, and Columbarium Inscription Forms are available on this page.  

Building & Grounds Committee

Meet quarterly to discuss the maintenance of the parish facilities.  


Building & Grounds Volunteer Opportunities

Landscaping – Maintain flowers and shrubs, perform spring and fall yard cleaning and perform general yard work as needed.  

Snow Shoveling – Assist with snow shoveling the parish entrances and sidewalks.  

Caring for the Parish Buildings – Assist with dusting, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, window washing and general upkeep of the Parish facilities.

Maintenance Skills and Assistance – Provides expertise and assistance to the maintenance staff and parish as listed below.  Because of safety and liability, some areas required skilled professionals. 

  • Carpentry – light building, shelving, hang doors, finishing work

  • Roofing and gutters

  • Electrical – work with lighting and wiring

  • Masonry – brick work or flatwork

  • Mechanical – lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.

  • Painting – staining and varnishing

  • Plumbing – piping, water heaters, etc.

  • Welding – general machine work

  • Heating/Cooling – work with boilers, gas furnace and air conditioner

  • Plastering

  • Flooring – vinyl, tile, carpet


Church Cleaners

Clean the Church to maintain a reverent and attractive environment.  Several cleaning teams rotate during different weeks of the month.

Funeral Dinners

Provide hospitality, table setting, and food service for funeral meals.  An opportunity to reach out to families at the time of the death of a loved one.


Golf Outing

A parish event that includes golfing, silent auction, and a dinner.  Participants for the golf outing and volunteers to help are needed.  Volunteers are needed for registration, hole-in-one monitors, betting hole monitors, photo takers, silent auction monitors, solicitors for donations, and advertising.  Volunteers are also needed for the Golf Outing Committee.  The committee meets approximately 4-5 times prior to the event to organize and coordinate activities.  

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